The Safest Way To Handle And Store Chemical Drums

Use Secondary Containment Measures

In order to keep the storage of chemicals safe, it’s always a good idea to make sure any leaks or spillages are immediately contained so they don’t damage your building or harm any person dealing with them. 

Use Good Quality Warehouse Racks

It’s important that you have strong racks to safely hold your drums on as they can literally hold hundreds of litres of hazardous chemicals and substances. A strong rack will minimise the risk of any accidents.

Ensure You Have A Good Emergency Response Plan

Drums can contain such a high volume of dangerous chemicals so having an emergency response plan is critical for your workers safety. It’s a good idea to keep a Salvage Drum on site in case of emergency.

Use Clear Labels

This is the easiest measure you can take to ensure safety whilst dealing with chemical storage. Make sure you clearly label all your drums with their contents and any appropriate warning symbols.

Organise Regular Inspections

You will need to regular inspect the drums for security risks, otherwise it may be too late to prevent accidents from happening.

Use Pallets Outdoors

If you have drums stored outside, it’s a good idea to store them on pallets. This means that they won’t be getting submerged in water during bad weather which reduces any risks.